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We have been assisting an industrial group with the acquisition, by means of a liquidation procedure headed by the Ministry of Productive Activities, of a real estate complex consisting of industrial buildings and expansion areas, covering a total area  of over 90,000 sqm.
The intervention, which concluded successfully with the purchase of the real estate complex, provided for the involvement and coordination of various subjects, with a process organised into three phases:
1) Analysis of the status of the liquidation procedure, preliminary contacts and meetings with liquidator commissioners, formulation of the strategy to be put in place
2) Monitoring and assistance with the development of the process, further meetings with liquidator commissioners, formulation of the binding purchase proposal showing the value of the properties and the terms and conditions agreed with the bodies of the procedure
3) Assistance with the competitive public auction procedure and assistance with signing the purchase deed

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  • Author opfyadmin
  • Date 19 December
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