Informativa della privacy

In accordance with Article 13 of the Regulation EU 2016/679, we hereby inform you that the personal data you give to the Studio Bongiorni during its activities (the “Data”), will be processed and stored (by electronic or non-electronic means) exclusively for contacting the user.

The data will be processed and stored by manual and electronic systems in order to guard security and confidentiality.

Such data will not be transferred to third parties, neither will it be transmitted in any way to entities other than the Studio Bongiorni without your consent. You retain the right to act in accordance with Article 7 and Article 15 onwards of the Regulation EU 2016/679, and you also have the right to:

(i) confirm your existing data and know their source and content, check their accuracy and supplement, update or correct them;
(ii) request their deletion, modification or transformation into anonymous form, or withdraw your consent with respect to all data processed in violation of current regulations;
and (iii) forbid their processing and storage on legitimate grounds by sending an e-mail message to:

Having read and understood the above information on the privacy law, I hereby authorise the Studio Bongiorni, in accordance with Article 4 of the Regulation UE 2016/679, to use and process my personal data for those purposes listed and described in these paragraphs.