Martina Giordano Buono

She completed a Master degree in Business Management at Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Milan.

She started her professional experience in 2018 by collaborating with important professional firms in the
drafting of the book "Rischio D'impresa e Early Warning" on the new provisions of the Code of Crisis and
Insolvency and specialised in Non-Profit Organisations (Establishment of Associations, Obtaining Legal
Recognition, Transition to ETS).

Since 2020 she has continued her professional experience providing accounting, corporate and tax consultancy,
accounting and tax due diligence.

She has worked for Studio Bongiorni since 2023 providing advice regarding accountant, corporate and tax issues and
specializes in corporate restructuring under the new Business Crisis and Insolvency Code.

Languages spoken: Italian, English, German, Spanish

2022 –  Member of the Italian Chartered Accountant Organization – Section A

2023 –  Member of the Italian Auditors of Accounts Organization