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Passaggio generazionale

We have accompanied families of entrepreneurs throughout the generational transition process.
The intervention is structured according to the following steps:
1) Analysis of corporate assets and total family assets
2) Analysis of the family structure and the vision of the entrepreneur
3) Identifying the expectations / motivations / objectives of the subjects involved
4) Finding the legal instruments offered by the current legislation and the most appropriate solutions to put them into practice
5) Legal, tax and accounting assistance in corporate restructuring and reorganization, functional to the success of the project
6) If necessary, the incorporation of a holding company “family safe” and the drawing up of the company by-laws with first refusal, pre-emption and approval clauses
7) Company and asset appraisal
8) Assistance in the implementation of the inheritance and succession actions required
9) Coordination of the various advisors involved in the operation
10) Optimization of the tax burden, understood as an important but not exclusive driver.

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