Ferruccio Bongiorni


Founder & Managing Director

Ferruccio is the founder and managing director of Studio Bongiorni and coordinates the firm’s professionals in ordinary and extraordinary tax and corporate consulting activities for national and international companies.

Hailing from Piacenza, in 2004 he graduated right there in Economics and Business at the Catholic University “Sacro Cuore”, then started his career in Milan after a brief local internship experience. Over the years, he has worked with several international professional firms, developing expertise in tax and corporate consulting on complex scenarios.

In January 2016, he founded Studio Bongiorni with the aim of offering a personalised consultancy service and supporting clients’ growth in a professional and human-friendly working environment. He has built a team of qualified professionals: together they share the same vision of the firm and work tirelessly to maintain the trust of their clients.

His motto is:

“Dream big. Start small. Begin now”

Something about me

Fitness, Hiking, Trail running, Nordic skiing, Rugby, Reading

English, French, Spanish

Favourite place
The top of a mountain reached by walking


As founder and managing director of Studio Bongiorni, Ferruccio plays a primary role in guiding and managing the entire organisation and is responsible for:

Vision and strategy aligned with long-term goals

Leadership and team motivation

Personalised client advice and support

Planning and management of complex projects

Business Development

Financial management of the firm Institutional relations and networking

Development and implementation of internal processes

Monitoring regulations and updates

Continuous professional improvement