Studio Bongiorni has always given its utmost attention to the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of its professionals.

Ensuring a real balance between work and personal life is essential in order to create a positive working environment. Only in this way can we meet the needs of our professionals and, consequently, promote their motivation and productivity.

In implementing such measures and programs, and to maximize the benefits of this organizational philosophy, Studio Bongiorni has conducted a careful analysis so as to understand the real needs of professionals. Here is our golden triad:


A consolidated winter tradition within the Studio.

The Studio Bongiorni team gathers for a weekend to examine and discuss the results of the previous fiscal year and to co-design the planning, objectives, roles, and responsibilities for the upcoming fiscal year.

The must-do event to kick off the new year

The indispensable appointment to kick off the new year is characterized by a friendly and collaborative atmosphere, aspects that consistently shape our daily work life.

During the meeting, recreational activities such as snow excursions, skiing, lunches, and dinners are also organized.

We believe in the value of team building to strengthen the bond among team members and maintain strong values of collaboration, merit, dedication, trust, and respect.


Adding value to off-work conviviality.

It is a socializing occasion exclusively reserved for team members, during which professionals take a break from work and gather to discuss more informal topics.


Studio Bongiorni actively promotes these moments of gathering as it recognizes that cohesion within the team is a fundamental drive to work well and serve clients with dedication.


Well-deserved rest.

After the intense period of financial statement approvals, it is a pleasure to find ourselves in a more relaxed environment, relieved from the burden of deadlines and deliveries.

Giving up role constraints to discover shared passions

The summer event, traditionally scheduled in June, aims to foster interconnection and the development of deeper bonds among professionals, clients, and external collaborators of the Studio.


Personal and professional life coming together.

The goal of this initiative is to create a positive experience for children, offering them the opportunity to spend a different day and get to know their parents’ workplace.

Opening doors to families

This type of initiative certainly has at least two advantages:

1. Familiarity with the workplace: visiting their parents’ workplace helps strengthen the bond between parents and children and develop interest in their careers.

2. Promotion of family well-being: spending time together in a different environment than home can strengthen family ties and offer a positive experience for all members.


A project for overseas work experience.

Born in 2023, the WAE (WORKING ABROAD EXPERIENCE) project involves all Studio members in overseas work experiences. During this period, professionals collaborate with international colleagues on new projects, developing direct skills and flexibility in their approach to work.

Goal: overcome one’s comfort zone and train adaptability and lateral thinking

Among other things, this initiative promotes the engagement and retention of enthusiastic professionals, opening doors to international partnerships and bilateral services for clients. WAE is a key to professional growth, international evolution, and the formation of a gateway of qualified experts who continually confront the most current and pressing issues in their field.


Internationality begins within our office.

Another distinctive aspect of the Studio Bongiorni team is the presence of Kate Mitchell, a highly qualified English teacher with over 25 years of experience in the corporate and tax sector. Her expertise is aimed at providing personalized service to professionals, focusing on essential communication skills for presentations, negotiations, and networking. This method also contributes to boosting their confidence in real communication situations and continuously improving their listening and conversational abilities.

A tailored approach to language enhancement

Each professional within our team is involved in a comprehensive training program, including weekly individual English lessons that take place during working hours. Kate tailors the lessons to the specific needs of each member, focusing on topics directly relevant to their professional life. This makes these moments highly effective and efficient, as well as interesting due to the high level of personalization applied.